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The Grace

1280 Richards Street

Tower and North Wing
Designed and Constructed 2004-2008
James Schouw and Associates

Grace, an allusion to the famous Graceland nightclub that occupied the former Kodak Eastman warehouse on this site, evokes the three Graces of Iliad, namesake of a James Schouw and Associates residential building on Homer Street.

After the 1986 World Exposition displaced nearby industry, urban planning initiatives began to stimulate dense residential development in the 1990's. Amid increasing environmental awareness, Grace was Vancouver's first high rise to incorporate geothermal heating and cooling, as well as an abundance of unique design and engineering solutions. Named Best High Rise in BC by the Canadian Home builders Association, Grace owes a debt of gratitude to a long list of dedicated, resourceful and patient contributors.

Elysium, an exclusive penthouse estate, is perched atop Grace.


1033 Marinaside

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